as no one else!

advertisement designs

Print advertising can do something that a keyword on a search engine simply can't do, which is, make an immediate brand impression on your potential customers. A compelling well designed print ad can spark interest and divert traffic to your other company sources. So, print advertising still has its place in a comprehensive marketing communications programme. Our advertising plan begins with research to determine what publications your target audience reads, then put your message in their laps, to create instant credibility, influence your target towards a purchase and drive them to get in touch with you.

brochure designs

Our creative brochure design team assesses your objectives and carries out research before creating a corporate brochure. Designing a catalogue is an important feature in marketing and advertising as it promotes the sales and provides an overall outlook on the product and services that the company has to offer. Studio-G has been a front runner in the field of Catalogue Designing and Printing for the past many years and is still constantly trying to improve the quality of its design with exclusive features and with new technical innovations.

logo creation

A logo works like an international symbol : unique, distinctive and presentable. A logo, if executed properly, describes in its design itself who you are and what you do. A logo is like an icon that if designed with a thought becomes embedded in the customer's mind forever. A logo is associated with certain values, features and it tries to build a relationship with the company or product. For instance, the three pointed star in a ring on a Mercedes-Benz, the blue and white coloured circle-the spinning ecstasy on a BMW, have played a big role in distinguishing the respective cars from the rest. A large number of corporate logos don't do justice to what they are supposed to do, to capture attention, probably because, either it has too much detail or no research is involved in putting the image together. We at Studio G, believe that logo creation is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness.

name creation

Naming is to branding as location is to real estate. With millions of names already registered for every product it's not easy to name a product or service or solution which is powerful enough to speak for you. A name is one of the most important tools to grab the target segment's attention, deliver an idea, or make a promise. A Corporate punchline is also an attempt to go one step forward and share your vision with other people and this also helps in the creation and establishment of a strong brand. The team at Studio G creates slogans that are trendy, catchy and easy to comprehend with the required impact necessary for the client to call.

business stationery

Nothing makes a business look more credible than professionally designed stationery. We at   Studio-G understand how to apply the colors and fonts of your logo to your business cards, letterheads and envelopes in order to create an image your customers will remember.

An investment in professionally designed stationery will pay off every time you hand out your business card and every time you send a letter. Receiving communication on a generic letter head leaves you wondering if the business is reliable or if they're fly-by-night operators. On the other hand, professionally designed stationery helps to form a lasting impression in the minds of your prospects and customers. They'll not only remember you, but they'll know that you're a serious business and that they can trust you.

punch line creation

A Corporate punchline is also an attempt to go one step forward and share your vision with other people and this also helps in the creation and establishment of a strong brand. A slogan is a one liner that follows your brand name and supports your branding strategy. A slogan is just a few words but powerful enough to help the clients remember the KRA's of the company. A catchy slogan attracts attention to your brand name and a thoughtfully created slogan can become your most powerful branding weapon.

The team at Studio G creates slogans that are trendy, catchy and easy to comprehend, with the required impact necessary for the client to call.

promotional designs

We can help you if you are looking for ideas to boost your business. If you want to spice up your portfolio, create certain invitations or promotional materials, we are all geared up for giving you the best.

We will strategise and guide your efforts in the right direction Our professionals' unique concepts can take your requirements from conceptual design to finished product all within your budget.

website development

A company's website is one of the most effective way to make an impression on the clients and potential new customers on internet. Our team gravitates around creativity and innovative ideas with the help of traditional and modern technology. With our designing skills we turn your website into an amazing, visually impressive marketing tool that represents your business image and identity.

content development

Content is the most vital component for every advertising/marketing tool. That is why, it has become extremely essential for Business owners to have a professional level in the contents of their material. However, the costs of hiring professionals for this work may prove to be quite expensive at times. We at Studio-G have an in-house team of content writers who provide niche and professionally structured contents at the most economical prices. These contents include corporate punchlines and slogans that are catchy enough to develop interest in the minds of your customers about your brand.

packaging / label designs

Packaging is what brings a brand to life. It is one of the most important parts of the media mix and provides brands with the final opportunity to dramatise their core USPs, create a connection and make people pick up the pack. Not only that, but it keeps replaying brand messages 24 hours a day in people's homes.

A pack is not just a container. It's a medium. Even when it contains the most common of products. Only a good quality execution of the package/label design will create the essential confidence towards the product in the mind of the consumer. In many cases this is related to the technical aspects of the package - it should look neat and carefully put together. With shoppers today being faced with thousands of different packs in the average supermarket, your packs getting ignored is a risk that brands can ill afford to take.

We at Studio-G have designers who have immense experience in packaging designs across various industries and capable of giving you great packaging designs to give a shelf standout to your brands.

poster/banner designs

Attractive posters bring the results you aim at. A poor poster design can be very annoying and when people feel uncomfortable with your poster, they will feel uncomfortable with your company.

Our professional graphic designers can help you succeed. We have what is necessary to develop the most effective poster designs. With our designs your marketing efforts will be worthy and highly profitable.Our poster designing team starts work by writing down everything what you would like to have on your poster, keeping in mind who your target audience is. With our help you can get the most effective posters that will certainly catch the attention of viewers and will stand out from the rest.

To get an amazing poster that grabs viewers' attention immediately is a must if you need to advertise a product, service, etc. Why? Posters are very important elements of any company's marketing system because they have considerable advantages over other advertising methods.

exhibition branding

Eye-catching and head-turning" this is how Studio-G thinks exhibition stands and signages should be. We design outstanding imagery for portable display systems, modular systems through to permanent exhibition stands for trade events and visitor attraction at shows and other events of any scale or size.

newsletter designs

Your newsletter design is very important because it will have a big effect on how your readers will feel about your newsletter. If your newsletter has a professional and also easy to read look and feel, your readers will like it and also feel more trust about doing business with you. On the other hand, if your newsletter has a poor design and is confusing, it will hurt your credibility and will make you lose your subscribers and customers over time. We at Studio-G have an experienced team that creates eye-catching newsletters. Our team is of a firm opinion that Newsletters don't have to be letter size, portrait booklets to be called a newsletter. There are other formats that may work better or help your newsletter design stand out from the rest.

annual reports

An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year and are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the activities and financial performance of a company or organization. We at Studio-G understand that the core of an Annual Return are mostly numbers, designing an Annual Return thus requires extreme attention to detail. We have a team of experienced designers who have a large amount of creativity in presenting numbers in an interesting way.

photo shoots

We all know that in using catalogs for marketing, the images hold the greatest appeal to the target market. Therefore, when you are printing catalogues, those products' photographs must always look great for the catalog to succeed. This means that you must pay a great deal of attention in your catalog product photo shoot. The photo shoot is where you get your product images, and this must be perfect for the catalog to come out perfect as well. Also, having high quality product images for you shopping cart and website can make or break the success of it.

branding guidelines

Have you ever wondered and thought: Do your employees even know your brand? Do they understand the strategy behind the brand? What the voice is? Do they know how to use it in context? If the brand is not completely understood and tightly patrolled within the organisation, it's bound to unravel the minute it leaves the gate.

We prepare in-depth Branding Guidelines to educate about the usage of the company's brand elements in various communication materials. We cover a lot more than how big is the logo or how it should be placed. It's more about what is the brand about!!


A good presentation of your product or service is the key getting new business flowing into your company. We at Studio-G have many ways of promoting your business image. Starting from the very basic power point presentation slides to a perfect multimedia presentations. Whereas power point presentations are more widely accepted and an easier form of presentation to which making modifications at your own end is also very convenient, Flash gives tremendous freedom to create designs in a very low size package optimized for the web, Flash can be used to develop interactive corporate introductions, presentations as well as complete websites.


In addition to all the services that we have covered in the earlier sections, there are a few other material which make an equally important contribution to the image of your brand in the minds of your consumers.

Our team at Studio-G have creative excellence to give you great designs for Calendars, Flyers, Labels, Invoices, File Covers, Folders Mouse Pads, Coasters


We at Studio-G offer the following kinds if printing to serve different requirements :

  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flex Printing
  • Vinyl Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Alcohol Based Printing